Final project for COMP 8051 at BCIT

Go until your battery runs out

Year 21XX, under the guidance of the Neo-terra government, peace has come to humanity. But not is all well in this world, the people paid a terrible cost to secure this safety. One's fate is decided at birth, you are either born into one of the ten families of the council or born a slave with no power over your own future. But not all is lost, secret resistance group Ascalon fights in the shadows to restore freedom to peoplekind. Now they have dispatched the finest operative, to infiltrate Neo-terra's cyber prison: Samsara. Their mission: release all prisoners, free their minds and strike back at Neo-terra. The first-step, getting through samsaras firewalls.

This game is a metaphor-rich infinite runner. The player can jump, duck and side-step to avoid obstacles and collect power-ups. This project targeted iOS and was mostly written in Swift with OpenGL ES. My role was programming movement and to implement the Bullet Physics SDK for collision detection. Since bullet is written in C++, I had to create the interface between our Swift code and the C++ Bullet SDK code.

Note: Gameplay starts at 1:16.