Lost Mines

Final project for COMP 8851 at BCIT

A game involving teamwork

A multiplayer game requiring 4 players, two per team. Each team must have a warrior and a mage character. The warriors have hand to hand combat while the mages can fire projectiles. The goal is for a team to mine for points, the points are distributed based on how long your character stays mining. The catch is that while mining your character cannot attack, although your teammate may defend you, if they are nearby. On top of this, there are two types of "fountains" in which you can mine, one that only warriors can mine and one that only mages can mine. Mobs exists in the middle of the stage in order to discourage taking a shortcut through the middle.

This project was created in C++ using a custom engine for the course COMP 8851 at BCIT during the Games Development bachelors program. The target platform was windows and our team included 4 people. My role in this project was creating a quadtree to increase the performance of collision detection, some of the design and bug fixing.

Video demonstrating quadtree. Squares turn red when colliding with another square.