Final project for COMP 7051 at BCIT

An invasion averted

Long long ago, when humans still lived on the Earth. One day we were attacked by some aliens. They were so powerful and can even throw asteroids at us. A hero then rose up! In Canada, there was a school called BCIT, Our hero started his journey here... The young hero defeated his opponent and the aliens tried to flee... Our hero then chased them into space... It was time to finish up, our hero sneaked into their spaceship. This young man saved the Earth and became our ancestor.

This game follows our hero fighting against the invading aliens, starting on the ground at a level that looks like an apocolyptic version of our school BCIT. Each level progressively pushing the invaders up until they are in the final level, their own spaceship. The gameplay is 1-on-1 side scolling with hand-to-hand combat and limited projectiles. Both the player and the enemy can replenish their health and projectile attacks from pickups as well as getting a speed boost.

This project was created in Unity with a team of 4 people. A PS4 devkit was made available to us so a requirement of the project was to target PS4 along with Windows. My role was player and enemy AI movement.

Note: Gameplay starts at 1:08.